Mountain 3 is the third mountain out of all thirty-two different mountains in the video game Ice Climber.


The first level is solid.

The second level is a slow-moving, wide cloud.

The third level is solid.

The fourth level is left-sliding and has an unbreakable, vertical wall three-fourths of the way to the left.

The fifth level is plain, and has a two-block break in the middle. It also has a Topi. Move quickly. There is also a vertical way three-fourths of the way to the right.

The sixth level is solid.

The seventh level is a slow-moving, wide cloud.

The eighth level alternates two blocks there, two blocks not. There is a Topi, fortunatly as most of the solid part do not make getting to the Bonus level easy.


If one can deal with the clouds, this is fairly easy.


It starts with four cloud layers in a row. Missing the top one means you will fall off the screen.

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