Mountain 2 is the second mountain out of all thirty-two different mountains in the video game Ice Climber.


The first level is solid

The second level has a giant gap in the middle. Do not break any more blocks on that level.

The third level is solid.

the fourth level is a cloud.

The fifth level has alternating 4-blocks solid, 4-blocks open structure

the rest of the levels are solid.


There are still no icicles, so the level should be fairly easy.


Ice Climber Bonus

the top of the bonus level

After the standard bonus beginning, the bonus level has three platforms that can be reached through just jumps, although there are clouds between them. The next platform requires the assistance of a cloud. The next level is centered at the top of the mountain and requires a cloud to access. Then hit the Condor to win.


Mountain Only: 8 Seconds, Held By MVP.

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